Your Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum Festival 2024 Itinerary

MONTEGO BAY, Jamaica – If you’re a rum enthusiast, the Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum Festival is an event you can’t afford to miss. And if you’re seeking a comprehensive Jamaica Rum Festival itinerary, look no further! Whether you’re going solo or hitting the road with your crew, a well-planned itinerary will ensure you’re fully prepared and can make the most of your time and your fun. Here’s what you need to know.

Before the Road Trip

Before you get on the road, make sure that you pack everything you’ll need to be as comfortable as possible at the Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum Festival.

It’s a long event that spills into the night, and so you’ll have to pack a few things:

  • Sunscreen to protect your skin
  • Sunglasses to protect your eyes
  • Sun hat to protect your face
  • Lip balm to keep your lips moisturized
  • Cash to grab food and unique pieces from the local artisans
  • Portable fan to beat the heat
  • Portable charger to keep your devices fully charged
  • Tote bag for all the awesome finds
  • Blanket or fold-out chair so you can comfortably sit and enjoy the festival
  • Hand sanitizer and wipes to stay fresh and clean
  • Deodorant to keep smelling great throughout the day

You’ll probably want to pack water and a few light snacks for the journey, too. Food is not allowed in the venue, though, so consider these car snacks.

If you’re serious about capturing moments, you may want to walk with a selfie stick or a tripod, especially if you’re going alone.

Your Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum Festival 2024 Itinerary

On the Way to Jamaica Rum Festival (JRF)

Now that you’re packed and ready to go, it’s time to plan for what you will do on your way to the festival.

First, ensure you have enough gas to get you to the event and back. Therefore, a gas station stop may be the first stop on your way to the Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum Festival.

Once you’re fueled up and ready to go, you can do many activities on your way to the Jamaica Rum Festival venue.

What you can do will depend on your route and which side of the island you’re coming from.

But no matter where you’re travelling from, there will be more than enough places for a pit stop and a selfie in our beautiful country.

For example, you can take beautiful pictures with your crew or envy-inducing selfies in front of the Wray & Nephew White Overproof murals. One of the lead sponsors and presenters, Wray & Nephew White Overproof, has commissioned beautiful murals islandwide, perfect for photo opps on long road trips.

After pictures, make sure you plan to make pitstops so you and your crew can use the restroom, take a little break, and maybe get a snack.

Remember, the event starts at 1 pm, and you don’t want to miss anything, so don’t linger on the road too long.


You’ve finally made it to the event.

We hope you’re ready for a day (and night) of fun-filled events, scrumptious food, presentations and of course, an amazing show.

Here’s what we recommend you check out:

  • Rum tastings at the varied purveyors (you just may discover a new favourite rum)
  • Art from local artists will be displayed and for sale. Feel free to immerse yourself in the physical manifestation of their creative expressions.
  • Visit the Food Village to excite your senses with tantalizing food and experiences.
  • Sit in on a Live Rum Education Seminar so you can have a deeper appreciation of how rum comes from the cane to your cocktail.
  • Enjoy the New Wave show. You’re in for a real treat; The New Wave show will spotlight the vocal and lyrical talents of featured acts: Royal Blu, Amanyea, Iotosh, Joby Jay, Friday Night Cru and a live band. DJs, Fatalic and Boomdraw will also flex their skills with fusion mixes across a variety of genres.

Ensure you hydrate with water throughout the day and avoid drinking on an empty stomach. We don’t want anything to detract from your experience. Get there early, and you’ll have plenty of time to try everything you want, share with friends and family, and enjoy live music. It sounds like the perfect day!

After Jamaica Rum Festival

Now that the event is over, you’re probably a little tired but happy and excited to share your experience.

The first thing you should do is locate the designated driver and ensure they are sober. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Once you’ve secured safe transportation, it’s time to head home.

Get some rest, and remember to look through all your pictures and videos to relive the experience the next day. Had a great time? Share your experience on your socials when you wake up the next day.