Wayne Wonder Recording New Songs & Busy Touring in 2023-2024

by Howard Campbell

SOUTH FLORIDA – With a busy 2023 under his belt, Wayne Wonder is preparing to embark on a new year the way he started the old one. Recording new songs and keeping busy touring.

The singer performed on the December 4-9 Welcome To Jamrock Cruise promoted by the Marley family. Prior to that, on December 2 he was in Jamaica for the popular Footloose show in Kingston.

He is looking forward to an hectic 2024.

Wayne Wonder performing on the recent Welcome to Jamrock Cruise.

“God is great, him keep mi busy, and I can’t ask for more than dat. I had a great vibes with di Marley sons, and it was a long time Jamaica never see me, so it was a great vibe overall,” he told South Florida Caribbean News.

Wonder, best known for songs like No Letting Go and Joyride, followed those gigs with a show at Palm Casino Resort in Las Vegas on December 14.

December 1 saw the release of Because It’s Time by White Flag, a multi-artiste group featuring Wonder and co-produced by fellow Jamaican Sean Roy Strachan. That song also features Vincentian artist Kevin Lyttle, American-Jamaican rapper Sean Kingston, American singer Mya and Dutch singer/dancer Shaffik Mohammed.

Recorded in four languages, Because It’s Time is done by 16 artists, mainly from Latin America. Its objective is to raise funds to support programs by Colombian police and shed light on the scourge of gang violence.

Wonder got involved with the project through Strachan, with whom he has worked in the past. A native of Dunkirk, one of Kingston’s toughest communities, he has experienced the effects of inner-city turmoil.

“I’m fully on board with this project, we all need peace in di world. Di gang violence in Jamaica, di gang violence in Latin American countries, di total chaos. We need something to soothe that,” he said.