Sound Chat Radio Teams Up with JN Bank and VP Records for 4th Annual Easter Bread & Bun Giveaway

NEW YORK – With much excitement, Sound Chat Radio announces their 4th Annual Easter Bread & Bun Giveaway, which is sponsored by JN Bank and VP Records. The highly anticipated event has become a staple in the multimedia platform’s growing resume of community efforts.

The giveaway’s reach will be maximized this year. Especially with the support of sponsors JN Bank and VP Records, leading institutions in the financial and music/entertainment sectors. Both share with Sound Chat Radio a core value of community and a Caribbean foundation.

Now billed as a tradition by Sound Chat Radio listeners, the Easter Bread & Bun Giveaway provides an opportunity for the greater community to come together and enjoy the Jamaican spirit of Easter. Listeners also get to meet the broadcasters they love and support on air everyday. For many, it is the perfect way to put a face to the voice. The meet ups humanize the broadcasters and create a strong sense of connection between audiences and them.

Sound Chat Radio Teams Up with JN Bank and VP Records for 4th Annual Easter Bread & Bun Giveaway
Garfield “Chin” Bourne, founder and CEO of Sound Chat Radio, is teaming up with JN Bank and VP Records for 4th Annual Bread & Bun Giveaway.

“It’s the little things that we practice in our everyday lives that keep us connected to our community and culture,” says Garfield “Chin” Bourne, Sound Chat Radio Founder & CEO. “Bun & Cheese during the Easter holiday signifies way more than a snack! It’s nostalgic, giving us a sense of home. It says we are Jamaican!”

Overall, Sound Chat Radio recognizes the importance of showing appreciation to their loyal listeners. Especially those who have been supporting them for the past 13 years. The Easter Bread & Bun Giveaway is just one of the ways the station expresses their gratitude.

Sound Chat Radio Easter Bread & Bun Giveaway
Loyal listeners of Sound Chat Radio are happy to pick up their free Bread & Bun, while meeting their favorite broadcasters (Garfield “Chin” Bourne of Sound Chat Radio – center).

In addition to the Easter Bread & Bun Giveaway, Sound Chat Radio hosts an annual Jamaican Mango Giveaway and a free Cookout, among other efforts, for its listeners and the neighborhood. These events have grown to become signature ones for the station. Serving as a way for Sound Chat Radio to foster a sense of unity and appreciation amongst New York City residents.

Giving Back to the Community

Sound Chat Radio has a long-running history of giving back to the community. Steadfast in their mission, Sound Chat Radio’s philanthropic efforts have been formally recognized by the New York City’s Mayor’s Office. In 2023, Garfield Bourne, was honored with a citation for his continuous commitment to supporting and uplifting the community via Sound Chat Radio.

This year’s Easter Bread & Bun Giveaway is bound to be an astounding success. Best of all, bringing joy and togetherness to all who attend. Orders are now being accepted.