Sone G’s EP “New Man”: A Journey of Inspiration and Faith

by Howard Campbell

TORONTO, Canada – New Man is the title of Sone G’s EP, scheduled for release in July. The gospel singer gives fans a taste of things to come with Find A Way, the project’s first single, which was released on March 8.

The somber ballad is produced by Joey 2 Kool of Guyana, whose credits include production work for high-riding dancehall artist Dexter Daps.

Sone G, who is based in Toronto, said the inspiration for Find A Way came following his heart-to-heart conversation with a close friend.

Sone G's EP "New Man": A Journey of Inspiration and Faith
Sone G

“This song was written because I was moved by a close friend of mine, who is dealing with some real-life struggles and so we turn to the only person we know can truly help…God. Look to him to find a way to remedy these situations,” he disclosed.

Also working with him on Find A Way was artist/producer DaJourney, a stalwart of Toronto’s gospel scene. Last year, he and Sone G had considerable success with Sweet Eeh, which won Collab Of The Year at the Sterling Gospel Awards in Kingston, Jamaica.

Joey 2 Kool produced three songs on New Man, with DaJourney producing one and appearing as an artist on three tracks.

Originally from Clarendon parish in rural Jamaica, Sone G has been recording music for over 15 years. Most of his songs like The King and God is Always There For You bear his dancehall and hip hop influences.

He believes Joey 2 Kool and DaJourney enhanced the quality on what he considers his most ambitious project to date. One he hopes will pick up a Grammy nod.

“Working with both Joey 2 Kool and DaJourney on this project was amazing. These guys are very gifted and allowed me to function effectively in a genre of music I am not necessarily known for,” said Sone G.