Soca Ambassador Kes Releases Video for Hit Single “Miracle”

New York – Soca sensation and ambassador Kes has unveiled the highly anticipated music video for his chart-topping single, “Miracle.” The track, which aims to capture the essence of love and celebration inherent in carnival culture, promises to be a memorable addition to the soca music landscape.

Soca Ambassador Kes Releases Video for  Hit Single “Miracle”

“Miracle” a multi-dimensional love song wrapped in power soca; it’s a testament to the transformative power of love, both for the carnival and for interpersonal connections. Kes explains, “We wanted to create a song that speaks to the love we have for one another and for the festival itself, acknowledging its importance in our lives.”

The single, characterized by its high tempo and uplifting beats, falls under the genre of power-soca, designed to accompany masqueraders as they revel in the carnival festivities. However, beyond its infectious rhythm, “Miracle” delves into deeper themes of euphoria and spiritual awakening, encapsulating the profound emotions associated with carnival in Trinidad.

The accompanying music video, directed by Oliver Milne, draws inspiration from Kes’s personal experiences. Reflecting on his journey as a young carnival enthusiast, Kes shares, “The video is a homage to my first experience crossing the stage with a band. Despite not being officially a part of a carnival band and facing challenges, it was a memorable moment filled with love and camaraderie.”

Set against the vibrant backdrop of carnival celebrations, the video serves as a visual narrative of love and connection, with the festival serving as the perfect setting for romance to unfold.

“Miracle” is set to release on Friday, February 2, 2024, and will be available on all major streaming platforms. To watch the music video, Click Here.