Small Business Month Spotlight with Sarah Jeanty, SumFest Mizik – Head of Sponsorships

MIAMI – SumFest Mizik returns in 2024, celebrating Caribbean culture with the theme “Bigger Than Us“, The event is on Sunday, July 7, at Virginia Key Beach Park in Miami. This vibrant festival features a dynamic mix of Soca, Kompa, and Dancehall music from Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, and other Caribbean islands. Headliners include Kes The Band, Shenseea, Tony Mix, Andy Beatz, KAI, Kreyol La, VAYB, Nulook, Harmonik, and more. SumFest Mizik aims to connect Caribbean communities globally through cultural celebration, healing, and community engagement.

The event is sponsored by Digicel, TRACE, Hennessy, and Sunrise Airways and promises an unforgettable experience.Using music to inspire positive change and global unity, SumFest Mizik stands as a beacon of cultural celebration.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Sarah Jeanty, the Sponsorship Manager, whose entrepreneurial spirit and passion for brands and the entertainment industry shine through. With 13 years of experience in event production and boundless creativity, she crafts exceptional activations and partnerships that elevate the SumFest Mizik experience.

Q: What motivated & inspired you to start your business?

Sarah Jeanty -Sponsorship Manager for SumFest Mizik

I’ve been business-oriented since I was young. I watched my mom raise us while being a wife and an accomplished entrepreneur. She set the tone, and she got it from my Grandfather, an entrepreneur. The event industry has something magical and wonderful to it. I love to be challenged, I’m very creative, and I am a solutions-oriented person, so delivering incredible customer experience and creating memorable events are my main motivations.

Q: What characteristics do you admire in other creative women?

My favorite part of working with other creatives is brainstorming and mixing our ideas. I love the flexibility and openness of this process. It’s where seeds are planted and foundations are set, and it’s fascinating, especially in the event industry. At SumFest Mizik, I feel lucky to work with many incredible and talented women. I also admire all the women who can master human relationships. Management is the most important and challenging part of entrepreneurship.

Q: How do you build yourself back up in moments of self-doubt or adversity?

The event industry can be very stressful, with high peaks of pressure sometimes. When confronted with a sensitive situation, my main priority is to keep calm and control my emotions. Often, I take a step back and isolate myself. Depending on the situation, sometimes for a few hours, sometimes for a few days. Silence, paper, and pen are vital during this time of isolation. If I have a problem, I will write about the different solutions and the good and bad consequences for everyone. Then, I will make a choice and a plan of action. If it’s a situation of self-doubt, I will likely pray and listen to a good playlist to get back on track mentally.

Can you tell us about any habits you have /things you do that set up success every day?

Sarah Jeanty -Sponsorship Manager for SumFest MizikI always start my day in grateful mode with prayers; sometimes, I listen to worship music. It helps me set the mood for my day before my family wakes up. The second will be coffee, followed by my pilates class. These are my morning essentials. From there, I am ready for whatever comes my way. Also, family is essential to me, so I have a healthy work-life balance and spend quality time with them during weekends. Staying well organized in meetings and delegating tasks at home and work are essential to me.


Q: Name a woman (or women), past or present, whom you admire or look up to.

My mom is the reason I went into entrepreneurship. I used to think if she could do it, I could, too. I am still speechless when I see how she carries everything on her plate with so much grace. She is my definition of success: being happy, loving, and loved while making money by helping others.


Q: What would you do with them if you were magically given three or more hours per day?

Read. I set time aside for reading every week but always miss the slots. Reading has always been a time to disconnect and connect to knowledge, my imagination, and my inner self. I miss it, and I need to get better at prioritizing it in my schedule.

Rapid Fire With Sarah Jeanty

  • When I face a big challenge… I isolate myself and put on some Hip-Hop Music to remind myself of what I have done and where I am going.

The most courageous thing I’ve ever done as an entrepreneur believe in myself and not listen to others say about my choices.

  • If I could return to when I started my business… I would tell myself…”Enjoy it while doing it. You won’t get those years back!”

The best advice I’ve ever been given .. people never forget how you made them feel, whether good or bad.

  • My favorite business tool, resource, book, or podcast is… Chat GPT. It is the easiest way to access knowledge, answer problems, and build solutions.

Describe yourself in five words: creative, graceful, ambitious, resilient, and confident.

  • My favorite quote :Never give up on your dreams.

For ticket details, visit SumFest Mizik’s official website and follow them on social media @sumfestmizik.