Shipping from US to Germany in 10 Minutes? It’s Possible with Meest Portal

Everyone who sends packages from the USA expects fast, secure, and affordable delivery. Customers value their time and prioritize services that promise maximum flexibility and speed of processing. Let’s talk about Meest Portal — an online service from Meest America. How to use it for shipping from US to Germany.

What’s Meest Portal?

This handy service lets you send packages to Germany from home and manage your shipment at Here’s how it works: You create your package online, fill in the details, and handle the payment — all online. No need to stress about weighing stuff or filling out forms. And there’s even a unique service for those who can’t drop off their package at a Meest America office — you can easily use FedEx or UPS drop-off points. From there, they’ll take it to a Meest office for you.

How to Use Meest Portal for Shipping from US to Germany

If you’re used to shipping to Germany from USA being a tedious and time-consuming process — filling out forms, waiting in line — forget about it. Send your package online from the comfort of your own home. Here’s how it works:

  • Fill in the shipment details, such as weight, size, and destination.
  • Choose your preferred delivery method.
  • Enter sender and receiver information.
  • Complete the paperwork describing your shipment (we’ll provide a list of prohibited items).
  • Confirm with your signature and payment.
  • Print the label with the QR code and attach it to your package.

But what if you can’t make it to a Meest spot to drop off your package, even if it’s already processed online at home? Drop your package at a FedEx or UPS drop-off point. Meest partners will bring it to Meest-America’s office in Port Reading, NJ, and the company will handle the rest.

Final Thoughts

Now, you can ship stuff to your loved ones, buddies, and work pals in Germany just as quickly as in the USA. Whether it’s a gift for the grandkids, essentials for the kids, or a little surprise for the friends back home, you’re covered. Just ensure your package isn’t too heavy and you’re not sneaking in any forbidden items. Meest America’s got your back with great prices and a slick online platform for sending stuff.

Do you have questions? Check out the website’s video tutorial on international shipping to Germany. Let’s see how quick and easy it is!