JN Money Waives Remittance Fees in Support of Recovery from Beryl

KINGSTON, Jamaica – JN Money Services Limited (JNMS), operators of the JN Money brand, has implemented a 50 per cent discount on sending fees for remittances sent to Jamaica using JN Money.

The waiver was initiated on the eve of Hurricane Beryl’s approach on July 2. It was extended to July 6 to facilitate Jamaicans overseas who want to help in the recovery process of relatives and friends affected by Hurricane Beryl. The waiver applies to funds sent from a JN Money branch location or via JN Money Online.

According to Horace Hines, the general manager of JN Money, the waiver shows the company’s dedication to collaborating with the diaspora and supporting their work in reconstructing and advancing the country. Despite Hurricane Beryll not directly hitting Jamaica, its impact caused significant harm. Especially to homes, buildings, roads, and power lines in areas such as St Elizabeth, Clarendon, and Manchester. The storm also had a negative effect on the livelihoods of many, especially farmers.

Mr Hines said JN Money is committed to playing its part in helping Jamaica and Jamaicans to recover from the devastation.

Horace Hines - JN Money Waives Fees in Support of Recovery from Beryl
Horace Hines – General Manager JN Money

“Although we don’t have all the data currently, we know that many are Jamaicans who depend on remittances, therefore, it was important for us facilitate any effort to ease the burden and support their recovery,” he explained.

He mentioned that the company’s reaction was partially sparked by a surge of questions from overseas members. Especially, as JN Money had been active in assisting with restoration efforts. Specifically, after Hurricane Ivan, Hurricane Dean, and Hurricane Sandy in 2004, 2007, and 2012. Along with Tropical Storm Gustav in 2008.

“The part we play in facilitating the diaspora in the rebuilding phase is well known and we are committed to maintaining that partnership so Jamaicans overseas can help in the recovery and development of the country,” said Mr Hines.

Network of Agents

JN Money operates through strong and vast network of some 8,000 branches and agents. Agents are located in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Cayman Islands and the Philippines. It also has agents in Guyana and Antigua.

Mr Hines noted that the waiver is part of JN Group’s wider Hurricane Recovery Programme. Especially, targeted at identifying the immediate needs of members, customers and their communities following Hurricane Beryl. In addition, assisting them to build capacity to respond to future occurrences.