Jazz Appreciation Month Spotlight: Randy Corinthian

SOUTH FLORIDAJazz Appreciation Month (fondly known as “JAM”) was created by the National Museum of American History in 2001 to recognize and celebrate the extraordinary heritage and history of jazz for the entire month of April.

During a recent interview, talented saxophonist Randy Corinthian shared his artistic inspirations and discussed the symbiotic relationship between Jazz and the Caribbean. We are excited to present our enlightening conversation with him. His insightful perspectives shed light on the topic, and we are thrilled to share them with you below.

Randy Corinthian

What is the connection between jazz and Caribbean music?

Jazz and Caribbean music share a deep and intricate connection that has influenced the development of both genres. This connection can be traced back to the historical and cultural exchanges that have taken place between Africa, the Caribbean islands, and the United States over the centuries.

One key element linking jazz and Caribbean music is the African musical heritage that forms the foundation of both genres. The rhythms, melodies, and improvisational aspects of jazz and Caribbean music can be traced back to African musical traditions brought to the Caribbean through the transatlantic slave trade.

Furthermore, the Caribbean region has been a melting pot of different cultures, including African, European, and Indigenous influences. This cultural diversity has contributed to the rich tapestry of sounds and rhythms found in Caribbean music, such as calypso, reggae, salsa, and merengue, which have, in turn, influenced the development of jazz. Musicians from the Caribbean, such as steelpan players from Trinidad and Tobago, have also significantly contributed to jazz music. Their unique rhythmic sensibilities and melodic innovations have impacted jazz, shaping the genre’s evolution. The connection between jazz and Caribbean music is rooted in their shared African musical heritage, cultural exchanges, and the cross-pollination of musical ideas that have taken place over time.

This connection continues to be celebrated and explored by musicians worldwide, creating innovative and dynamic musical expressions that draw from both traditions.

What is your connection to the Caribbean?

As an individual born of Caribbean descent, my connection to the Caribbean runs deep and shapes a significant part of my identity and cultural heritage. The Caribbean region holds a wealthy fusion of cultures, histories, and traditions passed down through generations, influencing my upbringing and worldview.

Growing up with Caribbean roots means being immersed in a vibrant and diverse cultural environment characterized by music, food, language, and customs unique to the region. Whether it’s the pulsating rhythms of reggae and salsa, the flavorful aromas of Caribbean cuisine, or the colorful celebrations of Carnival, my connection to the Caribbean is a source of pride and inspiration that continues to shape my sense of self.

Moreover, being born of Caribbean descent means carrying with me the resilience, strength, and spirit of the people who have navigated through centuries of challenges, including colonization, slavery, and struggles for independence. These experiences have instilled in me a sense of determination, cultural pride, and solidarity with the wider Caribbean community.

My connection to the Caribbean extends beyond geography; it is a connection to a shared history, heritage, and a sense of belonging to a larger community that transcends borders. It is a connection that influences how I perceive the world, interact with others, and celebrate and honor the traditions and values passed down to me.

My Caribbean heritage is integral to who I am, shaping my perspectives, values, and relationships in profound ways and serving as a continuous source of inspiration, cultural richness, and pride in my identity.

One piece of advice you would give to children with an affinity for music

One piece of advice to children with an affinity for music is to nurture your passion and dedication to music by embracing a mindset of continuous learning and growth. Music is a beautiful and rewarding journey that requires patience, practice, and perseverance to excel and truly fulfill your potential.

What is or has been your favorite part about being a performing artist?

Jazz Appreciation Month Spotlight: Randy Corinthian
Randy Corinthian

One of my favorite parts about being a musician is the ability to express myself creatively through music. Music offers a unique form of self-expression that can convey emotions, tell stories, and profoundly connect with others. Whether through songwriting, performing, or collaborating with other musicians, creating music allows me to share my thoughts and feelings with the world in a powerful and meaningful way. Additionally, the joy of connecting with an audience, seeing people react to the music, and sharing moments of emotional resonance during live performances can be gratifying and fulfilling.

Being a musician provides: A platform for artistic expression. Connection with others. The opportunity to make a positive impact through the universal language of music.

When did you first sense that connection to music?

As a musician, one of the most cherished aspects of the journey is often rooted in the deep and personal connections we form with music from a young age. My experience of first sensing a connection to music as a child in church is a poignant example. The environment of a church, with its musical rituals and communal responses to the sounds, can be a powerful introduction to the emotional and spiritual impact that music can have. How music resonated with me in that setting, sparking intrigue as I observed the congregation’s reactions to the sounds, speaks to music’s transformative power. It can evoke strong emotions, create a sense of unity among people, and provide a space for contemplation and reflection.

The interplay between the music, the listeners, and the shared experience in a church setting can be a profound moment of connection and inspiration that stays with us throughout our lives. This early exposure to the impact of music on a community level planted the seeds for my journey as a musician, guiding me toward a path of creative expression and a desire to evoke similar responses in others through music. The ability to create moments of emotional resonance and connection with an audience, much like what I witnessed in church as a child, has likely become a central driving force behind my passion for making music.

My experience in church as a child serves as a foundational chapter in my musical story, highlighting how music can captivate, inspire, and connect us on a profoundly human level.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

South Florida! This is a fantastic choice, especially if you value a warm and sunny climate. Here are some additional points to illustrate why South Florida is the place:

**Outdoor Lifestyle**

South Florida’s favorable weather encourages an outdoor lifestyle all year. Residents can enjoy activities such as beach days, water sports, hiking, biking, and golfing year-round, making it an ideal location for those who love to stay active and enjoy the outdoors.

**Cultural Diversity**

South Florida is a melting pot of diverse cultures, creating a vibrant and eclectic community. The region offers a robust medley of food, music, art, and festivals from various cultural backgrounds, providing residents with a unique and enriching living experience.

**Beach Access**

With miles of beautiful coastline along the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, South Florida offers easy access to stunning beaches. Residents can relax on the sandy shores, swim in the warm waters, or partake in water activities, creating a perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

**Urban Amenities**

South Florida cities like Miami and Fort Lauderdale provide a mix of urban amenities. This includes world-class dining, shopping, entertainment venues, and cultural attractions. Whether you seek a bustling city atmosphere or a more laid-back suburban environment, South Florida has options to suit different preferences. If you have eyes for foreign destinations, you’re just minutes from an international airport.

**Job Opportunities**

South Florida’s Florida economy is diverse and dynamic, offering a range of job opportunities across various industries such as tourism, healthcare, music and entertainment, technology, and finance. The region’s growing job market can appeal to individuals seeking career advancement and professional growth. In summary, South Florida’s perfect weather, outdoor lifestyle, cultural diversity, beach access, urban amenities, and job opportunities make it desirable for anyone seeking a vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle in a tropical paradise.

If you were not a musician, what other profession would you want?

Jazz Appreciation Month Spotlight: Randy Corinthian
Randy Corinthian

I would aspire to become a lawyer if I were not a musician. This career path offers unique opportunities to advocate for justice, defend rights, and positively impact society in different ways. As a lawyer, I would have the chance to navigate the legal system, provide legal counsel, and represent clients in various matters. Whether working in criminal law, civil rights, environmental law, or any other area, being a lawyer would allow me to use my skills to uphold the law, protect individual rights, and seek justice for those in need. Whether in the courtroom fighting for justice as a lawyer or in the public sphere as a spokesperson amplifying the voices of the marginalized, I would find fulfillment in using my skills and passion to advocate for the well-being and rights of others.

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