Jamaican Olympian Asafa Powell Honored with the 2024 Bleu & Bougie Superstar Award

by Howard Campbell

KINGSTON, Jamaica |  In late 2023, two of the most popular Jamaican events in New York, announced a joint weekend party in Jamaica, just before the start of Boys and Girls Championships.

Held March 16-17 at historic Devon House in Kingston, Elite Weekend was a smashing success, according to organizers. Opening day was Bleu & Bougie while the second day was Soiree & Blanc.

Jamaican Olympian Asafa Powell Honored with the 2024 Bleu & Bougie Superstar Award
Jamaican Olympian Asafa Powell, who broke the 100 meters 10-second barrier 97 times, was honored with the 2024 Bleu & Bougie Superstar Award during the March 16-17 Elite Weekend at Devon House in Kingston, Jamaica.

“Hosting both events was the best decision ever. I can confidently say that Elite Weekend is now a recognized brand. Bleu & Bougie has always had a loyal fan base in New York, and Soirée & Blanc is extremely popular there as well. Many of our supporters made the trek with us to Kingston. We were able to tap into the Diaspora support with patrons coming from not just the tri-state area, but we got good support from Jamaicans in Atlanta, Florida, Toronto and from Texas,” said Jerry McDonald, a spokesman for Elite Weekend.

He added that Devon House, built in 1881 by George Steibel, Jamaica’s first black millionaire, was an appropriate venue.

“Everyone loved Devon House. The ambiance and the location were perfect. It was the perfect backdrop to host an elite event like what we presented. Parking was our biggest challenge, but we made the best of the hand we were dealt. If we can sort that issue out for next year, we can definitely return to Devon House,” McDonald stated.

The second day saw promoters honoring sprinter Asafa Powell with the Bleu & Bougie Superstar Award for his achievements and contribution to athletics.

Powell, who twice set the world record for the 100 meters, cracked the 10-second barrier 97 times in his career, the most by any sprinter. He also won three Olympic and World Championships gold medals as a member of Jamaica’s 4X100 meters relay team.

He retired from athletics in 2022 at age 39.

“The Jamaican Diaspora loves Asafa Powell. It felt really good to honor an icon like him, given how well he has represented Jamaica and all he has accomplished. The fact that he appreciated the gesture was a big bonus,” said  McDonald.