Jamaican Author in South Florida Releases New Jamaican Family Saga

SOUTH FLORIDA – Now available at major bookstores, Frances-Marie Coke’s When Banana Stains Fade, belongs in the hands of discerning enthusiasts of World literature, who comb shelves for authentic explorations of social inequities, distorted self-image, family conflicts, and the price of courting love’s impostors.

When Zarah’s struggling parents throw her humble thirteenth birthday party, everyone is ecstatic. Their euphoria quickly disappears after Hurricane Gilbert’s onslaught ushers in life-changing upheavals. Zarah shrinks into rage and isolation, until a hidden liaison causes intense family conflict, leading to an estrangement that test’s everyone’s fortitude.

Jamaican Author Frances-Marie Coke

Award-winning Jamaican-Canadian author Rachel Manley writes, “In a narrative that is hard to put down, Coke traces both a family’s story and the modern history of her island Jamaica, her message ultimately uplifting: “But her glorious little island prevails.”  Cam Torrens author of Stable and False Summit endorses, “An epic inter-generational saga guaranteed to tear your heart before reminding you of the power of faith, resilience, and family!”

Frances-Marie Coke is a Jamaican educator living in South Florida.  She works in education and is co-chair of the MLK/Scholarship Committee at the Caribbean American Cultural Group, a non-profit organization serving the Treasure Coast. Her books include Intersections – an anthology of poems, and The Spirit of Clovelly Park her teacher’s memoir.

Learn more about her writing at https://www.francesmariecoke.com/ or reach her at 772-261-4067.

Copies of When Banana Stains Fade are available at all major booksellers, including Black Rose Writing, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.