Introduction to iDeals Board Software: Revolutionizing the Way Boards Collaborate and Make Decisions

Public and private organizations have a board of directors that is responsible for leading their strategy. Members of the board hold meetings and make decisions. Generally, board meetings have been associated with lengthy discussions and slow decision-making processes.

The solution to this is adopting a digital collaboration platform specially designed for boards. This is where a board portal plays an important role.

What is a board portal?

A board portal is a secure digital platform designed to streamline enhanced communication, collaboration, and information-sharing processes. Board portal software is also called board management software or board meeting software. It provides a centralized space for managing different board-related activities and files.

Board portals become the basic communication tool between all stakeholders, which keeps conversations in a secure environment and centralizes all board-related activity in an easily accessible place.

Who are the users of board software?

Originally, board portals were created for a board of directors, but now all participants of board processes can use the software. Directors and executives are the main board users. They join discussions, access information, give impact, and vote on important dealings with the platform’s help.

Company secretaries and board administrators use board portals to organize meetings, prepare agendas, distribute files, and ensure compliance with regulations. The software helps to simplify their work by centralized document management, automated notifications, and improved collaboration features.

The board of directors portal helps to improve board operations and make them easier. This portal provides a centralized platform that streamlines collaboration for directors and committees and eases managing meetings for corporate secretaries and administrators.

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What are the benefits of a board management portal, and where are they used?

Now let’s explore the main advantages of board management software:

  • Enhanced security
  • Improved communication
  • Increased productivity
  • Better decision-making
  • Better governance
  • Reduced costs

Use cases for board portals are:

  • Board meetings and communication. By providing a centralized platform board portals streamline the entire process of meetings and communication. Directors can use the tool to view and annotate documents, communicate with each other in real-time, and collaborate on tasks and action items.


  • Strategic planning and performance monitoring. Board software stores data that directors need to access and review. They also can collaborate and make decisions using the portal.


  • Document management and sharing. Users can manage and share documents related to board and committee work. Files are accessed and reviewed securely and efficiently. Choosing the right board portal helps companies enhance their document management process.

iDeal board room software

Among different board portals, iDeals is considered to be the leading board portal provider. iDeals boardroom is a secure board software that takes responsibility for many of the meeting management processes which results in board members focusing on the issues in front of them, developing strategies, and implementing ideas.

Also, the committees and executives can concentrate on the programs and initiatives rather than preparation and administration. By the way, in addition to providing a secure board portal for efficient meeting management, iDeals also offers valuable resources such as a steering committee guide. It’s designed to assist steering committees in effectively overseeing and guiding strategic initiatives within an organization.

Advantages of iDeals board software

iDeals virtual boardroom software is easy to use and all board members can manage their communication. There are key benefits that the iDeals Board offers:

  1. High-level security. The software provides strong protection against data leakage. The protection includes 256-bit encryption and dual authentication against unauthorized access. In addition to the user’s login and password, there is a one-time code that should be entered.
  1. A variety of collaboration tools. They are a messenger for a confidential discussion of crucial issues; voting; the signature that allows executives to sign documents even outside of meetings.
  1. Monitoring ability. Every action that takes place inside the platform is controlled. To ensure maximum transparency of your system, you can monitor the progress of projects and tasks.
  1. Meeting preparation. It includes the automatic distribution of materials before meetings; making changes to the board if you have any updates to the schedule; documents such as minutes and agendas can be uploaded to a public space and viewed whenever needed.

The main action areas of the iDeas Board

The iDeals software helps companies to go through all stages of the process, including:

  • Organizing of necessary issues and valuable materials.
  • Sending and managing all the invitations for separate agenda items or a whole meeting.
  • Organizing and conducting a meeting remotely from any convenient device or in person.
  • Voting and signing, accessing all information. The board of directors software makes it possible to initiate items online, assign owners, and set deadlines.
  • Offering the ability to send reminders, and statistics, and organize decisions and comments.
  • Having protected access to all records used during the decision-making process.


iDeals board software is a powerful platform, that facilitates efficient board collaboration, enhances governance practices, and speeds up decision-making processes among board members.