Glen Washington Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award at IRAWMA

by Howard Campbell

SOUTH FLORIDA – Standing backstage at the March 22 International Reggae And World Music Awards (IRAWMA), Glen Washington basked in the Lifetime Achievement Award he received minutes before from that organization.

The veteran singer, his dreadlocks partially covered by a Fedora, performed to a receptive audience at the Lauderhill Performing Arts Center in South Florida.

Glen Washington at IRAWMA
Glen Washington receiving his IRAWMA Lifetime Achievement Award

Having started his career as a drummer in the early 1970s, Washington told South Florida Caribbean News that any recognition is welcomed.

“It’s a good feeling, it’s worth it. At di end of di day, it’s not just di money, di fact dat you do what you love is di most important thing,” he said.

Washington added that the IRAWMA, “Is my Grammy Award. We have to support our own.”

From Clarendon parish in central Jamaica, Washington began his career with the C35 Incorporated band. He replaced Joseph Hill as drummer, after Hill left to form roots-reggae group Culture.

Moving to Kingston, Washington joined The Titans, resident band at the Bohemia Club, one of the hottest live venues in Jamaica during the 1970s and 1980s.

Although he had a hit song in the 1980s with Rockers nuh Crackers, it was not until 1999 that Washington broke through with Brother to Brother, an album produced by the legendary Clement Dodd.

Brother to Brother was followed by a fruitful partnership with Florida-based producer Lloyd Campbell, which yielded the hit singles, Kindness For Weakness and Jah Glory.

Admitting that he is a late bloomer, Washington retains a zest for recording and touring.

“Good things happen to those who wait. Everything change with Brother to Brother, an’ things still nice. Wi thank God for good health so wi can please di people,” he said.

Rita Marley, Freddie McGregor, Jacob Miller (posthumously), Honorebel, Chris Chin of VP Records, broadcasters Amy Wachtel and Clinton Lindsay, were also honored at the 41st IRAWMAs.