G Cole’s ‘My Father’s Song’: A Touching Tribute to Dads

by Howard Campbell

SOUTH FLORIDA – When Gregory Cole was a boy in Jamaica, many fathers believed in the old adage, ‘spare the rod and spoil the child’. That was their way of building manhood.

Known as G Cole, his latest song, My Father’s Song, pays homage to all the Dads who ensured their children got love and the best guidance to become responsible adults.

South Florida-based G Cole, who hosts the HomeGrown With G Cole show on ReggaeGlobalRadio.com, believes the father’s role has evolved since his youth.

G Cole's 'My Father's Song': A Touching Tribute to Dads
G Cole

“I am proud to say, I see way more fathers being present and affectionate to their children now than when I was a child. They no longer just see their role as good providers, they want to be good fathers, and be affectionate with their children too,” he said.

My Father’s Song is co-produced by Jason “J-Vibe” Farmer and Dean Pond, and was released in time for Father’s Day. As a father, G Cole stressed the importance of showing gratitude to the ‘old man’ in a time when terms like ‘deadbeat Dad’ are sometimes wrongfully used.

“The love and care that Dad shows to you should be rewarded. Honor is due to all who deserve it, especially in a time where the myth of the missing father is so loud. It also needs to be normalized for the next generation,” he noted.

As for the relationship with his own father, G Cole said there is mutual respect.

“When I was younger it was not so great, but when I became a father, I understood more, and as time went by, I appreciated him more.”