From Music to Marketing: Exploring The Innovative Strategies of Abebe Lewis

MIAMI – Abebe Lewis, the Marketing Guru CEO of multiple successful brands. One being A.L.M.B.G., his own prominent marketing & branding company and consulting agency. Based out of the Music Mecca of Miami Circle House Studios. Owned by the legendary Inner Circle, which was founded by his father Ian & uncle Roger Lewis. The Bad Boys of Reggae have been in the music industry for over 55 years , positively impacting the genre! With hits like ‘Bad Boys’, Sweat, and many more!

The A.L.M.B.G.’s company’s success has led to an expansion in the Latin division, launching ALMBG Latino! Further solidifying its commitment to diverse markets, bridging cultural gaps and fostering connections through strategic branding.

Abebe Lewis Circle House

Launch of Florida Engineers

Lewis’s latest venture, Florida Engineers is a brand he launched as a tribute to the unsung heroes behind the music – the engineers!

Based in the music mecca of Miami, Circle House Studios. The Florida Engineers are strategically positioned at the heart of the industry. Circle House Studios, recognized as the number one studio in the United States, which provides an ideal backdrop for the innovative work of Lewis’ and his team.

Abebe Lewis Florida EngineersOne of our top engineers Erwing Olivares aka @Kslae recently received a Grammy for Best Rap Album of the Year engineering Kendrick Lamar’s and Kodak Black’s album at the Music Mecca of Miami, Circle House Studios.

Another one of our top Florida Engineers, Nigel the Engineer, has experienced an exceptional year collaborating with Hit Maka, a renowned super producer & many more!

Behind The Beats TV Series

Abebe Lewis Circle House with Ball Greezy
Ball Greezy and Abebe Lewis – Photo Credit: J. Lash Photography

Abebe Lewis extends his influence through “Behind the Beats” a captivating TV series where he interviews celebrities. Celebrities including Trina, Ball Greezy, Ky-mani Marley, Brisco, DJ Nasty305, Rico Love, Jo Mersa & Yohan Marley, and many more. The show delves into the stories behind the music, offering a unique perspective on the industry’s luminaries.

For those interested in unlocking the potential of their brand, Abebe Lewis, CEO of ALMBG invites you to book a free 15-minute consultation. Explore new possibilities and witness firsthand the transformative power of ALMBG’s strategic marketing expertise.  As well as his connections and access to various celebrities in the industry.