From Academic Papers to Published Books: Laxley W. Stephenson’s Pursuit of Purpose

by Howard Campbell

ATLANTA – Going into 2023, Laxley W. Stephenson’s writing was limited to academic papers. But encouragement from a friend encouraged the Jamaican life navigation coach to put his motivational ideas in print.

His first book, UnEarthing YOU: Your Guide to Self-Discovery and Personal Growth, was released last year. In March his follow-up tome, A Collision With Purpose: In Pursuit of Purpose, came out.

The prolific Stephenson, a longtime Atlanta resident, has another book in the works. Titled Daily Insights Unveiled: A Personal Odyssey to Find Purpose, it is scheduled for release in September.


“Of all the three books, this one I feel so good about, because it speaks to everything that challenges us in life,” he told South Florida Caribbean News.

‘Daily Insights Unveiled’ is based on Daily Insights, a program broadcast on Stephenson’s YouTube channel. The eight chapters cover topics discussed during its recently concluded debut season which comprised 25 shows.

A Collision With Purpose: In Pursuit of Purpose was launched in Snellville, Georgia. The 252-page piece presents solutions to people with personal challenges, something Stephenson is qualified to do.

He holds a masters degree in strategic management and leadership from Michigan State University. He earned his doctorate in leadership from Walden University in Minneapolis.

“The whole writing thing started when I launched the organization, A Collision With Purpose 18 months ago. I was interviewing people from all over the world and decided to put my findings in a review journal, but a friend of mine said, ‘Wow! This would make great reading and empower people’. And that’s what I did,” said Stephenson.

Born in Westmoreland parish, rural Jamaica, Stephenson migrated to the United States in 1974, settling with his family in Poughkeepsie, New York. He served 10 years in the US Air Force, returning to New York after leaving the military.

Stephenson has lived in Atlanta since 1996.