Florida Based HVAC Company Is Gearing Up for An Extra Hot Summer

Florida has experienced some very intense summers in the last few years. More are predicted to come. In addition to unusually hot weather, there have been a series of droughts. In fact, there is an ongoing drought at the time of this article’s writing. With more heat to come, future droughts are expected. This post will tell you about one Florida-based HVAC company that is gearing up to fight back against the hot weather, ensuring through their hard work that Floridians’ homes are safe and comfortable for them to live in.

Getting your AC ready for the Florida summer

Preparation for the Coming Summer

Meteorologists predict that there will be daily highs of 87.8°F each day in July this year. Floridians therefore need to begin preparing. According to Howard Millian, owner of Millian Aire AC & Heating, they are offering 0% on new Trane AC Units to help customers who need to get ready for this upcoming hot summer. Very few AC companies are offering discounts of this kind, which makes Millian Aire AC & Heating unique and one that’s worth working with. Not everybody can afford the luxury of air-conditioning, so discounts help those less fortunate to keep their homes at safe temperatures. Inflation is high and people have less disposable income than ever before. Discounted air-conditioning rates make units much more accessible and ensure even the most impoverished are able to use them in the privacy of their homes.  

A nonprofit organization called the NCoC found that heat-related deaths saw an 88% increase between 2019 and 2022.  The highest recorded heat-related deaths in the state’s history was recorded in 2023, coming in at an astonishing 1,713. Some people are simply more susceptible to heat-related disease and death than others. Chronic exposure to the sun and extreme indoor temperatures can be dangerous. Air-conditioning units can keep people’s homes cool and ensure they have somewhere safe to return to if the weather is getting uncomfortably hot. It’s worth noting that indoor temperatures sometimes exceed outdoor ones, meaning giving significant discounts on air-conditioning units guarantees people safe spaces to unwind in.

Why Is the Weather Getting Hotter?

The weather in Florida and elsewhere in the world is hot because climate change and the El Nino weather pattern are striking at the same time. Scientists say the most effective way to counter hot weather is to reduce carbon emissions and live more sustainable, environmentally friendly lives. As for El Nino, an end date in 2024 has been given. However, before El Nino draws to a close, global temperatures will reach a few tenths of a degree higher than they are now. A few tenths of a degree is enough to cause extreme heat and global discomfort.

If you are interested in adopting a more sustainable lifestyle and doing your part to counter climate change, consider solar energy. Studies show that solar is the most sustainable form of energy on the planet, especially if you live in Florida, where during the summer ten hours of daylight is the average. Floridians can also save themselves lots of money by powering their homes with solar panels as they won’t have to pay to be connected to the electricity grid. Powering a discounted air-conditioning unit with a solar panel can help you to save even more money.

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What Else Can You Do to Prepare?

Beyond investing in an air-conditioning unit and adopting a sustainable lifestyle, there are a few other things that you can do to keep yourself nice and cool when the inevitable summer heat hits. One way of keeping your house at a comfortable temperature when your unit’s not running is to put reflective film over your windows, ensuring heat does not get inside. You can also add more insulation to your property’s windows and doors, preventing hot air from creeping into your house.

Make sure that in addition to the above, you take the time to throw your windows open when the temperature drops outside. If you keep the windows closed in your house all night, the cold air won’t get inside and begin circulating, trapping warm, humid air. It is unwise to open the windows in your house until the temperature drops outside, though. Opening the windows when it’s hotter outside than it is inside is a pretty effective way to heat your home up even more. In terms of air-conditioning management, which is important, clean its filters regularly and hire the same company you bought it from to come and perform regular services.

This summer’s going to be a hot one. If you live in Florida, now’s the time to start preparing. Air-conditioning companies are offering discounted rates on AC units, enabling even society’s poorest to keep themselves cool. Consider investing in a unit if you don’t already have one.