Dancehall DJs Battle It Out in Reuben Shaw’s ‘Selector’ Streaming on TUBI

by Howard Campbell

ATLANTA – As the first grandchild of Morgan Heritage patriarch Denroy Morgan, Reuben Shaw has Jamaican culture coercing through his veins. For his first movie, the filmmaker was determined to project his roots.

Selector, for which he stars, directed, produced and co-wrote, opened in November on TUBI, the popular streaming network.

Shaw, who also put up the $30,000 to make the drama, told South Florida Caribbean News that he made Selector with a particular demographic in mind.

Ruben Shaw

“This movie was definitely made for my culture, the Jamaican Diaspora and people all around the world due to the desire to share a story to the people that many around the world have experienced in their own right. Film is entertainment, this movie is entertainment. I want all markets to be exposed to my art, no boundaries,” he said.

Selector’s plot is based around two dancehall DJs whose career goals are to dominate the nightclub scene. At the same time, they are involved with an Italian Mob boss.

The New York-born Shaw, who had small roles in Barbershop 3 and ATL Homicide, plays

Top Celebrity Rob in Selector which was filmed in Atlanta. His uncle Laza Morgan of reggae-hip hop group LMS, appears as Boassy, Zachary Jones is DJ Parlay and Kyle David Simpson plays Ninja Turtle.

Shaw’s mother is one of Denroy Morgan’s many children. The head of the Morgan clan is best known for the 1981 funk-reggae hit song, I’ll do Anything For You. Several of his children comprise Morgan Heritage whose hit singles include Dont Haffi Dread and Down by The River.

For a time, Shaw dabbled in music as a rapper and released a handful of singles but film is his greatest passion. In addition to acting, he has  directed music videos and plays.

A graduate of the University of Central Florida where he majored in Interpersonal/Organizational Communications, Shaw is pleased with Selector’s performance.

“I was told prior to making this movie that I could not make a movie without having millions of dollars. Not only did I make it, Selector is on TUBI, the number one ranked free streaming TV platform in the world,” he said. “We made history, a Jamaican story has been given a platform to be seen and told, I think I destroyed expectations once I completed this project.”