Dancehall Artist Shawn Ice Says New Year is One of ‘Elevation’

“I am evolving as an artist,” says Dancehall talent Shawn Ice. “I see the new year as one of ‘Elevation’ in my music, brand and business.’”

With his first single pegged for February titled “Elevated 2.0,” the artist is kicking off his new effort on an appropriately billed “High” note. With teasers of “Elevated 2.0” gaining attention on social media by DJs and influencers, the St. Mary-bred act is thrilled about his forthcoming release.

“Elevated 2.0” is Shawn Ice’s fiery follow up to “Elevated,” which sparked a buzz among music lovers when he dropped it a few years ago. Support of radio, fans and club DJs made “Elevated” one of the “Mixture” artist’s most popular releases. As Shawn Ice received continual requests for the record, he feels the momentum and vibes must continue with “Elevated 2.0.”

Dancehall Artist Shawn Ice Says New Year is One of 'Elevation'
Shawn Ice

“This is a feel good song and I believe the people dem can benefit from ‘Elevated 2.0″ vibes righ ya now,” Shawn Ice says with pride.

“Elevated 2.0” is one of several red-hot efforts on deck for Shawn Ice. The reputable performer indicated teaming up with top producers for a series of groundbreaking releases, including the “Amazing” project and highly anticipated EP titled, “Entity,” which are planned for release later this year.

Specifically, Shawn Ice says his “Elevated” approach to music includes expanding his sound to include other music genre. “The talent is there,” says Shawn Ice humbly. “Recording the right songs to reach wide audiences is key, which is why my projects are being strategically mapped out.”

The entertainer expresses that his overall brand will be “Elevated” with new business opportunities, which involve music and beyond. “I have a great team, which has a vested interest in me and foresight. They often see more than me….I like that,” says Shawn Ice when referring to Diamond Liquids and Acclaim PR.

The new year also holds a bevy of shows to compliment the explosive music from the “Times Like These” artist. Next up for Shawn Ice are performances in St. Louis and Atlanta. Stay tuned for what promises to be an extraordinary year for the creative.