Communication Is Key To Success – Basil Springer

“My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry.” – James 1:19

by Basil Springer

SOUTH FLORIDA – One of the inescapable features of the Information Age is the speed with which news travels the world. We no longer have to wait for that morse code message to arrive. We instantly communicate through social media channels on smartphones, which are almost permanently attached to our hands and, at worst, only a vibration away.

The bad news, the good news, the chaos and the order are with us instantly. Whereas the good news is a source of comfort in our lives, the chaos manifests as problems; thus, we look for solutions.

In the vibrant mosaic of the Caribbean world, whether in the personal, spiritual, business, financial, physical or educational spheres, chaos often seems like a constant companion, and off we are trying to find solutions that bring some order to our lives.

Communication Is Key To Success

Problems could result from:

  • An internal family matter that destroys relationships at the personal level
  • The confusion of spirituality and religion – peace and purpose vs. beliefs and practices
  • Failure to recognize that as human beings work on the basis of robust divine systems, there is an uncanny parallel in business
  • The lack of clarity about the principles of financial management impacts your financial security – net worth, cash flow, time value of money, risk, investment diversification, maximizing profits, spending less than you earn
  • The failure to act and the importance of exercise in maintaining the human body – pushing our bodies to their physical limits – makes us physically strong and resilient. Still, it also makes our mindset strong and resilient.
  • The failure to grasp opportunities for education as a stimulus to individual and national growth and success

As a veteran player in Caribbean business development, I have learned the critical importance of steering through the tumult with a clear strategy. The key? Effective communication. It’s the golden thread that binds the classical management functions of planning, organizing, staffing, leading and monitoring into a cohesive, functional tapestry.

Setting clear targets is the cornerstone of any successful endeavor. In the Caribbean, where the business culture is deeply intertwined with our social fabric, planning is more than just a series of objectives; it’s about understanding the nuances of these relationships.

Effectively communicating these plans is not just about conveying information but about resonating with the deeper values and aspirations of those involved.

In our region, resources are limited, but our ingenuity is boundless. The act of organizing – identifying and effectively utilizing the tools at our disposal – is a testament to our resourcefulness. Effective communication here means delegating tasks or assigning roles and inspiring a sense of collective purpose and collaboration.

The Caribbean workforce is a kaleidoscope of talent and potential. Staffing is more than filling positions; it’s about building a team that shares your vision. This requires a communication style that is clear and direct but also empathetic and inclusive. It’s about creating an environment where every voice is heard and valued.

Leadership in the Caribbean ought to be less about authority and more about guidance – being a shepherd rather than a commander. Influential leaders communicate not just through words but through actions. They set the pace, provide direction, and, most importantly, inspire trust. A leader’s influence extends far beyond the office walls in our interconnected communities.

And monitoring progress is crucial. A well-designed dashboard is essential, but the communication of this data truly matters. It’s about making information accessible and understandable, ensuring everyone from the boardroom to the front lines is aligned and informed.

By being patient and attentive listeners, we can better understand the needs and concerns of others and communicate with them more effectively.


Dr. Basil Springer
Dr. Basil Springer

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