Commissioner Kionne L. McGhee’s Economic Development Plan for West Perrine

West Perrine – Commissioner Kionne L. McGhee and the West Perrine Community Redevelopment Act (WPCRA) launched a comprehensive economic development plan aimed at expanding business and residential opportunities for the residents and small businesses of Perrine. This initiative is set to inject millions of dollars into the local economy, with a focused approach on areas identified as slum and blight, thereby transforming the landscape of West Perrine.

Empowering Our Community

Leviticus Gilliard - Chairman of West Perrine Community Redevelopment Agency
Leviticus Gilliard – Chairman of West Perrine Community Redevelopment Agency (WPCRA)

“We are excited to partner with Commissioner McGhee to bring this transformative plan to West Perrine,” said Chairman Leviticus Gilliard of WPCRA. “This initiative is not just about economic growth, but also about empowering our community and fostering an environment where businesses and families can thrive.”

Commitment to Revitalizing West Perrine

Commissioner Kionne L. McGhee's Economic Development Plan for West Perrine
Commissioner Kionne L. McGhee

Commissioner Kionne L. McGhee added, “This partnership is a testament to our commitment to revitalizing West Perrine. By investing in our community, we are laying the groundwork for a prosperous and vibrant future.”

Research indicates that areas considered slum and blight suffer from deteriorated infrastructure, reduced property values, and decreased investment. These conditions often lead to economic stagnation and social challenges. The WPCRA’s targeted initiatives are designed to reverse these trends by improving the quality of life, attracting investment, and fostering sustainable development.

Economic research underscores the positive impact of new business opportunities in impoverished communities. Introducing new businesses can lead to job creation, increased local spending, and a rise in property values. Moreover, it helps in reducing crime rates and fostering a sense of community pride. The WPCRA’s plan is poised to catalyze these benefits, ensuring a brighter future for West Perrine residents.

Program Highlights

Commercial Rehabilitation Grant Program (CRP):

  • Aimed at licensed businesses and commercial property owners.
  • Provides up to $150,000 for interior and exterior improvements per applicant.
  • No match requirement with a 3-year maintenance period.

Residential Rehabilitation Programs:

  • Paint Up and Beautification Grant Program: $10,000 for owner-occupied properties with no match; $15,000 for tenant-occupied properties with a 75/25 match.
  • Residential Rehab Program (Owner-Occupied): $25,000 with no match.
  • Residential Rehab Program (Tenant-Occupied): $35,000 with a 75/25 match.

Business Expansion and Attraction Program (BEAP):

  • Up to $150,000 for costs related to relocation and attraction of businesses.
  • No match requirement.

West Perrine Special Projects Grant:

  • Grants up to $50,000 for community groups to make aesthetic improvements on publicly owned property.
  • Projects may include community identification signs, landscaping, and public art.